Reverse and forensic engineering

Reverse and forensic engineering are given negative connotations because of improper use by some. Reverse engineering is typically associated with unfair competition and forensic engineering is generally associated to disasters and accidents. Both disciplines, however are still very useful engineering tools for machine design and optimization. Here at TALENS we apply fundamental engineering principles to analyse existing machines and find out why specific designs work better than others.


Many technical solutions in industry have been developed over years of experience and field work, but we know by experience that sticking to a unique solution that “has always worked” or “has always been like this” may not be the best possible position for a business. We will help you understand why your specific solution is that good, and from there you will be able to decide if it can be improved or how it can be transferred to a different configuration or scale.


Computer simulations, experimental testing, field measurements and theoretical calculations can be used to understand the science behind a successful design and can also be used to discover why competitors are a step ahead. The same tools can also be applied to innovation and new product design.

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