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TALENS ENGINEERING LIMITED is part of BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP. As part of the international expansion of BETWEEN, TALENS was founded in Liverpool in January 2017 with two main objectives:


1) To expand the business from BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY to the British market.


BETWEEN technology has the main design centre in Barcelona and from there we provide engineering services to many countries. With the new design centre located in Liverpool we can now offer an even better service to our customers in the UK. 


We have engineering resources in Barcelona and Liverpool and handle every project with resources from one specific design centre or both depending on the specific needs of each customer and project. Apart from the wide industrial experience existing within BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP, our design centre from Liverpool is home to a specific team that specialises in pharmaceutical and life science related applications.


At BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP we provide design consultancy services and IT solutions by means of our own design offices both for product design and software programming. We also provide resourcing and recruitment services to fill technology related contract work.


Besides our locations in Barcelona and Liverpool BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP has engineering resourcing offices in Bilbao, Valencia and Madrid (Spain), Suzhou (China), Singapore (Singapore), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Johor (Malaysia).



2) To fill a gap in the engineering market: Contract engineering specialised in life sciences


We know by experience how difficult it is to find contract engineers with a strong background in GMP design and a proper understanding of the complex processes that life science applications involve.


We also know how inefficient and expensive are learning curves and perfect mechanical designs that are not applicable to the specifics of our process and need to be redesigned again and again.


We fill this gap in the engineering market by a technological partnership with our customers, where our expert engineers provide specialised, professional and effective engineering.


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