We handle projects of many different types and provide a personalised solution to every customer. Through exprience we have developed a range of technology partnership solutions that have proven to be very effective and welcome by our customers.


Innovation and product development projects require a strong will for success but also involve risks that should be minimised. Our step by step approach to these projects keeps risks under control and ensure success within schedule and budget.


Intellectual property is also critical in every new development. New technologies must be properly protected and investments in innovation must avoid infringing existing IP. At TALENS we always protect our customers by signing Non Disclosure Agreements with them and keeping an eye in Intellectual Property.


We are technological partners and as such we provide much more than engineers, we provide fully operative engineering seats with state of the art workstations and software packages that are configured to be fully compatible with our customer’s specific needs. We can work with 3D CAD packages like Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks or Solid Edge, work with specific software releases and connect them to customer specific databases like DBWorks or Vault. This approach allows us to support our customers even when they have no software license available. We provide them instead.


Our large team of engineers is located internationally but shares a common goal: provide technological support to our customers. They are permanently connected to provide solutions to a vast range of technologies. Individual contractors can provide their individual experience, we provide the global experience of BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP.


The success of technological projects lies in team work. We as an organisation can take full projects or sections of them and develop them for you, but you will still be in command. We have a range of collaboration tools to keep in close contact with our customers all along the projects and share technical information. Locations is not a problem any more.


And when our physical presence is a must we can also provide a solution. Our engineering resourcing organisation will provide skilled contractors to work on site.

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