Computer simulations save engineering time, provide accurate results and enable optimization. Virtual prototyping speeds up design loops, minimizes engineering effort and reduces prototyping expenses.


We can provide computer simulations by finite element analysis (FEA) with ANSYS for vibration analysis and structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with ANSYS CFD for flow simulation. We can simulate compressible fluids (gases), incompressible fluid (liquids) and heat transfer.



Our FEA simulations can be used in the mechanical design of components or systems that are difficult to calculate otherwise, for the design of pressure or vacuum vessels or in many other applications.


Vibrations, fatigue, linear and non-linear behaviour, plastic deformation or impacts can also be analysed.







CFD is probably the most powerful engineering tool for the design, optimization and troubleshooting of HVAC systems and laminor flow applications. Pressurized water applications in general or turbopumps are other typical applications of this technology.



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